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October 11, 2019 | Implantology

Rehabilitating both jaws of a patient with a poor oral situation is already a challenge in itself. But we wanted to go even further by trying ...

September 11, 2019 | Cosmetic Dentistry

The digitalisation of the workflow in dentistry has gained ground in recent years owing to the technical advances as regards intraoral scanners and ...

September 4, 2019 | Implantology

Thanks to the very high accuracy of modern intra-oral scanners, excellent design software and reliable production systems, restoring an implant with ...

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13 Nov 2019, 12:00 AM Helsinki

Ryan Lewis DMD, MSD

Digital dentistry is an evolving field which allows for streamlined workflows and enables clarity in communication between surgical, restorative and lab teams. The webinar will discuss new concepts for contemporary practice that will differentiate your practice.

12 Nov 2019, 08:00 PM Helsinki

Juan Carlos Villalobos DDS

In this webinar you will learn importance of mechanical biofilm control as well as to design personalized homecare programs for a biofilm control on your patients

14 Nov 2019, 03:00 AM Helsinki

Jung-Wei Chen DDS, MS, MS, PhD, FACD

Describe the formation of white spot lesions Provide treatment options from non-invasive to restorative for treating white lesions Provide basic knowledge for oral healthcare professions Participants will learn: Beware of the white spot lesions They are preventable and treatable

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Nov. 13, 2019 - Nov. 15, 2019 | Trade Shows

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