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Kuraray Noritake has dental innovation track record of more than 40 years and a history of providing high-quality dental materials for dentists as well as lab technicians and ceramists worldwide. Many of our product have become the household names of modern and minimal invasive dentistry, used and appreciated by everyday practitioners, KOLs and researchers alike. CLEARFIL and PANAVIA families of products have built our reputation as an industry leader in excellence and innovation. Read about the company's products below.

Kuraray Noritake – CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick

No need to wait, apply several coats, or rub in thoroughly

Kuraray Noritake – K-ETCHANT Syringe

K-ETCHANT GEL is a thixotropic etching gel which is used to etch tooth enamel, dentin, ceramics, hybrid ceramics and cured composites for adhesive restorations.

Kuraray Noritake – CLEARFIL DC Activator

CLEARFIL DC Activator activates the dual-curing mechanism of CLEARFIL SE BOND 2 and CLEARFIL Universal Bond.

Kuraray Noritake – CLEARFIL SE Protect

The new two-step self-etch adhesive CLEARFIL SE Protect lets you virtually bond all restorations.

Kuraray Noritake – PANAVIA V5

One Cement. All indications. One prime procedure.

Kuraray Noritake – CLEARFIL REPAIR

CLEARFIL REPAIR is an universal adhesive system which can be used in many ways and which enables the repair of all tooth related fractures within only minutes.


TEETHMATE DESENSITIZER is the first desensitizer that offers a real solution for sensitivity. Kuraray Noritake Dental designed this product to create the human body’s hardest mineral, hydroxyapatite (HAp).

Kuraray Noritake – CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Classic

Monochromatic composite in VITA shades and additional shades. Thanks to CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Classic, you can make esthetic restorations on both anterior as well as posterior teeth.

Kuraray Noritake – PANAVIA POST

PANAVIA POST is a fiber post made of methacrylate and non-epoxy based resin reinforced glass fibers with high mechanical durability and an optimal elastic modulus for your reliable restorations.

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